Saturday, September 20, 2008

Robert Scoble hosting a webinar on scalability

Didn't see this one coming:

Avoiding the Fail Whale - Thursday, October 9th 1pm EST

Building a server environment that’s scalable and reliable can be tough, especially when your traffic goes “nuts” virtually overnight. Fast Company Live presents a special one-hour live webinar, moderated by Robert Scoble and featuring a panel of tech leaders from companies big to small who are facing these very issues.

Confirmed guests include:

  • Matt Mullenweg: Founder of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.
  • Paul Bucheit: One of the founders of FriendFeed and the creator of Gmail.
  • Nat Brown: CTO of iLike, a music community service that had one of the first Facebook apps.

The discussion will cover architectural choices, growth hurdles and how the panelists overcame them. The first half-hour will be devoted to the panel discussion, while the second half-hour will be open to live questions from registered webinar attendees.

I'm certainly registering. Will be interesting to get their thoughts on load testing, and how they plan for such large amounts of unpredictable load.