Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Passing the Transparency Torch

The torch has been passed! The following is re-posted from a new blog Transparent Performance:
"Almost three years ago, I started blogging about the importance of transparency at my blog Transparent Uptime. I chronicled the benefits of being transparent in your companies handling of downtime and performance. I did case studies on transparency done right, and transparency done wrong. I spoke at conferences preaching the gospel of performance. What was a strange idea back then is now becoming obvious, especially to young companies. Just as things were ramping up, I was forced to put my blog on hiatus
In the time since, I’ve been looking for someone to hand off the torch of transparency to. I’m really excited to be a part of the launch of Transparent Performance, a new online consortium that will bring together experts from around the industry to continue the transparency movement. Transparency isn’t about altruism, or being “good”. Transparency is good business decision. My hope is that Transparent Performance can help the industry cross the chasm, and make it both obvious and trivial to be transparent in your uptime and performance. If anyone can do it, these guys can. 
And if you’re interested in becoming a contributing editor too, do drop them a line or comment below."
Everyone that still follows this blog, or stumbles across this post, do yourself a favor and go to Transparent Performance.