Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gamer's Bill of Rights?

What's more important, a Gamer's Bill of Rights, or an Online Users's Bill of Rights? Do you even have to think about it?


  1. A very interesting post. A Gamer's Bill of Rights? This seems redundant and poorly conceived of. I think the free market will protect these folks, if a product is not up to par then they already have the right to return it, though it's probably much more difficult with software I'm sure you could still do it if you complained enough. Even so, if a company continues to make crappy games that don't work or a store will not be flexible in their return policy then you (and other consumers) will be able to influence them with your dollars/spending. I think the same is true of the Online Users's Bill of Rights although since these web-based companies are a bit more forward thinking they've already tried to stay in touch with their customers by providing Service Level Agreements...though there is still a large number of service providers that don't have any specific SLAs defined.


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