Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google launches System Status Dashboard for AppEngine

Google has finally launched a health dashboard for their AppEngine service!

From the announcement:
"The new System Status Site provides a detailed view into the performance of various App Engine components using some of the same raw monitoring data that our engineering team uses internally. This includes:
  • up-to-the-minute overview of our system status with real-time, unedited data
  • daily overall serving status for each of our APIs, including any outages or downtime
  • detailed historical latency and error-rate graphs for the App Engine Datastore, Images, Mail, Memcache, Serving, URL Fetch, and Users components

In addition to the Downtime Notify Google Group, we'll use this dashboard to announce scheduled downtime and explain any issues that affect App Engine applications. You'll be able to see real data behind any issues that we experience along with explanations from our team.

We'll continue to tune this dashboard to make sure we're providing useful and accurate information about App Engine's uptime."

My 10 second first impression is that overall they did a great job, especially the details you can get when drilling down on a specific service and day (clicking on a checkmark). Time will tell how many of the rules of successful dashboard's they meet. I plan to dive a little deeper in the next day or two, but for now...kudos to Google for making this a reality!


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