Sunday, January 4, 2009

A comprehensive list of SaaS public health dashboards

To anyone looking to build a public health dashboard for their own online service, the following list should give you a head start in understanding what's out there. I also keep an up-to-date list in my delicious account that you can reference at any time. I would suggest reviewing the examples below when coming up with your own design, potentially combining the various approaches to create something truly useful to your customers.

Note: This list is divided up into three tiers. The tiers are determined by a rough combination of company size, service popularity, importance to the general public, and quality of the end result.

Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three
Non-dashboard system status pages
Don't forget to also review the seven keys to a successful health dashboard, especially since not one public dashboard I've come across meets all of the rules.

Again, the full list can always be found here. If I missed any public dashboards, I'd love to know...simply point to them in the comments and I'll make sure to add them to the list.


  1. Here is a new one that has just gone live.

  2. Very nice Tom, and thanks for posting. Some really interesting functionality in this.

  3. Nice....
    Keep posting with more new information...
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  4. I know you said you're ending your posts, but I assume this comment will make its way to you anyway. I'd be interested in hearing what you think about a project I'm working on called Krypton Pulse ( It's a public health dashboard service. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know. Thanks!

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