Monday, September 13, 2010

Domino's using transparency as a competitive advantage

From the NY Times:
Domino’s Pizza is extending its campaign that promises customers transparency along with tasty, value-priced pizza.
The campaign, by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, part of MDC Partners, began with a reformulation of pizza recipes and continued recently with a pledge to show actual products in advertising rather than enhanced versions lovingly tended to by professional food artists.
The vow to be more real was accompanied by a request to send Domino’s photographs of the company’s pizzas as they arrive at customers’ homes. AWeb site,, was set up to receive the photos.
A commercial scheduled to begin running on Monday will feature Patrick Doyle, the chief executive of Domino’s, pointing to one of the photographs that was uploaded to the Web site. The photo shows a miserable mess of a delivered pizza; the toppings and a lot of the cheese are stuck to the inside of the box.
“This is not acceptable,” Mr. Doyle says in the spot, addressing someone he identifies as “Bryce in Minnesota.”
“You shouldn’t have to get this from Domino’s,” Mr. Doyle continues. “We’re better than this.” He goes on to say that such subpar pizza “really gets me upset” and promises: “We’re going to learn; we’re going to get better. I guarantee it.”


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