Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cloud Computing Bill of Rights

I'm glad to see someone else felt there was a need for an online users bill of rights:
"Before you architect your application systems for the cloud, you have to set some ground rules on what to expect from the cloud vendors you either directly or indirectly leverage. It is important that you walk into these relationships with certain expectations, in both the short and long term, and both those that protect you and those that protect the vendor.

This post is an attempt to capture many of the core rights that both customers and vendors of the cloud should come to expect, with the goal of setting that baseline for future Cloud Oriented Architecture discussions."
This is focused specifically on cloud computing providers. First there was version 0.1, followed by version 0.2, followed by a Wikified version. I especially like the wiki version (clean, straight forward, to the point). I see a lot of overlap between this and a general "Online Users Bill of Rights".

The big question is what it will take for online service providers to give a damn and agree to any sort of bill of rights. It's hard enough to get a consistent and worthwhile SLA in place. Maybe it's too early to push this on companies. Maybe we need to wait for some major downtime that disrupts business in a serious way for users to realize the importance of something like this. But isn't that far too late?


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