Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama takes office...and Facebook/CNN flourish

Some stats from ReadWriteWeb:

In the end, not only did Facebook Connect provide an interactive look into the thoughts and feelings of all those watching CNN's coverage via the web - it did so without crashing. According to the statistics, there were 200,000+ status updates, which equaled out to 3,000 people commenting on the Facebook/CNN feed per minute. Right before Obama spoke, that number grew to 8500. Additionally, Obama's Facebook Fan Page has more than 4 million fans and more than 500,000 wall posts. (We wonder if anyone on his staff will ever read all those!).

CNN didn't do too badly either. They broke their total daily streaming record, set earlier on Election Day, and delivered 5.3 million streams. Did you have trouble catching a stream? We didn't hear of any issues, but if you missed out, you can watch it again later today.
The blogosphere, myself included, often point only at the problems and ignore to times when everything works as expected. This looks to be very much the later. Kudos to Facebook and CNN for putting together such a powerful service, on such a powerful day, without issue.

Update: Spoke too soon :(

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