Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kudos to Microsoft for showing humanity and transparency in a recent Entourage regression bug fix

From Microsoft's Mac Office blog:
"We’ve been working hard for the last week and a half to bring Entourage users today’s 12.1.4 update. It’s incredibly frustrating when we get through a release process and a new issue is introduced by an update. When we start to hear feedback and customer reports about issues with an update, I simply cringe because so much work goes into preventing that from happening. Unfortunately, the recent Office for Mac 2008 12.1.3 update introduced a bug that prevented some Entourage users from sending meeting invites to others. We’re sorry.

However, we also believe it’s better to pair an apology with a solution. With that in mind, with the just released 12.1.4 update, meeting invites will be working as expected once again for all Entourage users.

A lot of work goes into every update release to make sure that we are improving the product's quality. With every update, each and every change that goes into the release is under tight review. There are multi-developer code reviews, focused test passes, and verifications with targeted customers who reported the issue we are targeting to fix. Even then, sometimes things do not work out. With 12.1.3, we did all of the above, yet two cases slipped-through..."
Read the details on the release here. Why don't we see this kind of honesty more often?

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